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Annabel Keijzer is an illustrator and graphic designer based in the centre of Amsterdam (NL). 

Her work is characterised by a simple, playful design language. Colour and humour spring off the page, screen or wall to transform graphic shapes into characters and make ink drops cuddly.

Annabel is available for commissions in both the worlds of art and communication. So if you would like Annabel to create an illustration, mural, book design or brand identity, please contact her via
info [at] studioannabel.nl


Clear thinking produces playful design 


awards / nominations

• 3x3 mag - New York.
3x3 no16. professional show 2019 - SILVER

• 3x3 mag - New York.
3x3 no16. professional show 2019 - bronze

• CA - communication arts illustration competition 2019

• Joseph Binder Award 2016 Winner Bronze book illustration

World Illustration Awards 2016 Shortlisted

German Design Award 2018 Excellent Communications Design Nominated


Exhibitions / featured

Designforum Museumsquartier Vienna, 10 nov.'16 - 1 jan.'17
LA Artbook Fair - the Geffen Contemporary MOCA, 24-26 february '17
Designforum Vorarlberg  Dornbin, 16 marc '17 .– 12 april '17
WEI SRAUMforum - Innsbruck, 22 april –11 may'17


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