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This award winning book shows that it is possible to tell a story without using text.

Visual identity & branding

Logo and brand identity for the Power of Love and Positive Flame. The Power of Love is the annual event for people living with HIV and AIDS and their loved ones, that intends to inform, to inspire and to bind.

Shapes and blocks

Mural illustrations

Ink drawings

Branding & identity design

Identity for the International Lyme awareness congress at Carré Theatre Amsterdam.

Identity & branding

Logo and brand identity for the jazz festival in the red light district of Amsterdam. This fifth anniversary of Red Light Jazz focusses on the trumpet and legendary jazz trumpet player Chet Baker who died 30 years ago in Amsterdam.

Spots on paws

This newest project showcases the artists love for birds, paper and colour.


Cover Illustration & design for the dutch publishing house Prometheus. Release date: April 2018. Printed in 4 pantone colors on Munken Lynx White paper.

Magazine design

I AM+ magazine inspires and informs HIV-positive people living in the Netherlands to lead long and healthy lives.


A book about my grandfathers unpublished manuscript. He died 20 years ago, but he left his story behind. I created this book to honor him.



Visual design


New webshop


Art card booklet

From bright and colorful ink drops Annabel Keijzer creates portraits of charming birds that can come directly from an imaginary world.Thanks to the drop technique, paper choice, the use of color and the addition of minimal details
the drawings come to life.


Concept and layout design for this book about service design.Bookdesign & illustrations. Hardcover, 224 pages, release date: march 2017. Published by B’witz publishing.

Multiple drawings

Annabel Keijzer is concentrating on editorial illustration, indoor and outdoor murals, textile design, bookillustration, artprints and other commissions, as long as she can retain her colourfullness and playfulness. Most of the drawings created digitally, on the basis of fast pencil drawings.